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Sammamish Garage Doors | Section Replacement

Is your garage door a sectional garage door? A sectional door is on that is made up of separate panels that all work and move independently of each other. The pieces all fold up as they reach the top of the garage. We always recommend sectional doors for residential homes. The biggest benefit of these types of doors is the ability to do repairs one panel at a time. If you damage just one panel or even two we can actually just remove those specific panels and replace them.

Replacing just the damaged parts of the door by section saves you a ton of money and us a lot of time. It usually means that your garage door will last longer too because you can just repair each part as it needs replacing rather than having to put in a whole new door when something goes wrong.

If you are worried that you can’t find an attractive door that is sectional we are sure we can help you find one you will love. There are so many garage door on the market that we can absolutely find one that you will be happy with! If you are looking to replace your garage door or get one installed in general please give us a call so we can help you through the process.

Sammamish Garage Doors | Advantages of Garage Door Maintenance

All the time, people are taking care of preventative maintenance for different things in their lives because they’re smart consumers who understand the importance of maintenance.  People take their cars in for oil changes, coolant flushes, and other services because they realize that spending a small amount of money on these seemingly meaningless services will help them in the long haul; after all, a coolant flush is a lot cheaper than a new radiator.

Of course, a lot of people overlook their garage door when it comes to these sorts of things.  Most people don’t realize that regular garage door maintenance is an important aspect of keeping up with your garage door, and is an important, and easy way to avoid costly repairs down the road.

What goes into garage door maintenance?

There are many different things that must be performed regularly, which include, but certainly aren’t limited to:

  • Cleaning and lubrication of components.
  • Inspects and minor tweaks.
  • Regular safety tests.
  • Visual inspections of moving parts to ensure normal wear.
  • And more.

All of these should be done by a qualified garage door repair professional who knows what they’re looking for, and what they’re doing.

What are the benefits of keeping up on garage door maintenance?

The benefits are numerous, but the most important, and the one you’ll notice most is the fact that your garage door will be less likely to suffer a catastrophic error, which will translate to a much happier wallet in the long haul.  Of course, along with money savings, this will mean less of a headache, too.

Of course, you can never 100% guard against a breakdown, and it’s inevitable that certain parts will break. . .  But keeping up on maintenance means that you can prolong the inevitable, and prevent the less inevitable parts from breaking down in the future.

Sammamish Garage Doors | How do I know if my garage door is broken?

Upon first reading this you might think this is a silly question, but it is worth talking about. Yes, there are the times when it is blatantly obvious that your garage is having a bad day and may be in need a of a little love. But there are also a lot of smaller things that you might not notice if you aren’t paying close attention to your garage. If things are even a little off with your garage door it will give you indications. It might just start making a small squeaking sound or start to lift and lower a bit unevenly. If you pay attention to your door you will start to see issues before they cause the whole thing to fall apart or stop working.

Sometimes it can be hard for you to pay that close of attention to your garage door all the time and that is why it can be a great option to hire a garage door tech to come out every 6 or so months to check up on the door and make sure everything is working correctly!

Sammamish Garage Doors | What to do when you hear a strange noise

Your garage door works very hard for you to ensure that it is always opening and closing the way it should.  In a way, every garage door has a sort of “voice” of it’s own, where it makes a familiar set of noises every time it operates–  This holds a lot of implications that you may not realize, of course. . .  Because now you know what it sounds like, and you know what it shouldn’t sound like; which is something other than what you normally hear.

What do you do when your garage door makes a noise it shouldn’t?

When your garage door is operating and makes a soudn out of the ordinary, the very first thing you should do is call a qualified garage door repair technician.  Any sound that is different from the normal “voice” means something is amiss, and the sooner you get this checked out, the sooner you can nip the problem in the bud; especially when you consider that you could potentially be dealing with a much smaller problem than it could turn into.  Consider this:  If your garage door is making strange noises, but still operating, you have a minor issue that can be resolved quickly and cheaply.

The alternative?  Allowing this issue to persist until it becomes a very intense matter that requires a lot of time and money to repair.  This is why things should be taken care of right away.

What sort of noises should I look out for?

If your garage door makes any sort of the following noises (outside of normal operation noises), you should definitely have it checked out:

  • Banging or crashing noises coming from the hinges, joints, track, etc.
  • Whining or grinding coming from the opener.
  • Groaning, creaking, or other strange noises coming from the springs.
  • Any other sort of noise out of the ordinary.

Sammamish Garage Doors | A few reasons to go screw drive!

There are a few different styles of garage door opener out there, but there’s one in particular that stands apart from the rest as a great choice for when you need to replace or upgrade your current style of garage door opener.

It’s a screw drive garage door opener, and we’re here to illuminate why you should choose this style the next you need an opener:

  1. This style of opener is much more reliable than other styles of garage door opener.
  2. This style of opener is much quieter.
  3. This style operates more smoothly, more efficiently, and faster.

There are some other less obvious reasons, but that right there should be good for most of our customers to choose this vastly superior style of garage door opener over the others.

Sammamish Garage Doors | Has your garage gotten out of control?

If your garage has become a giant storage spot for all sorts of odds and ends and you now can’t fit your car inside…you are doing yourself a huge disservice. Basically the greatest thing about your garage and the garage door is that it keeps your car safe. You might be wondering “safe from what?” First it keeps it safe from any scoundrel that might want to break in or steal your car. Secondly it keeps your car safe from the environment, sun wind and rain can all have an effect on the exterior of your car.

So if you can’t park your car inside the garage then it is time to do some clean up! You can take a day and easily get that place organized. You can get plastic bins that you can label and stack…that is our favorite way to get things in order!

Sammamish Garage Doors | Your garage doors New Year’s Resolution

Did you know that your garage door makes a resolution every year too? It resolves to work and lift and lower your garage door every time you tell it to with no problems. But your garage door can only do this with your assistance. It needs you to make sure you have check ups done on the it regularly and to make sure and take care of any problems as soon as you notice them.

Your garage door would be so upset if it let you down, so make sure to help it help you. It will save you so much money and time to take care of the issues as they appear rather than once the whole door has broken down.

Sammamish Garage Doors | May Is Garage Door Safety Month

All month long we are focusing on garage door safety. There are too many garage door accidents, and it is time we make sure we all know how to keep ourselves safe around a garage door.

In 1993 the Consumer Product Safety Commission began requiring safety features in garage doors to help prevent them from accidently crushing people and pets, but with all of the garage door accidents occurring annually, it is still necessary to spend some time focusing on safety.
In this article we are going to give you a five point checklist to follow this month to make your garage door safer for your whole family. Items on this list include testing your sensor beams, inspecting your garage door for damage, teach children about garage door safety, keep keypads and remotes out of the reach of children, and know how and when to use the emergency release.

Test Your Sensor Beams

The sensor beams on your garage door are located on either side of the door four to six inches above the ground. These beams act as an electric eye to detect objects under the garage door and prevent it from closing.

Many accidents occur from sensor beams that are not functioning properly. These beams should be tested monthly. To test the beams, use your remote control to close the garage door and place a two by four piece of wood in front of the sensor (Never use any part of your body to test the sensor beams). If the sensor beams are working correctly the garage door will stop moving and reverse directions.

If your sensor beams are not working correctly, check to make sure they are clean and aligned properly. If they still don’t work after making these adjustments contact your garage door repair service to fix them as soon as possible.

Inspect Your Garage Door

Monthly you should inspect your garage door for damage and to make sure that all the moving parts are functioning as they are supposed to. A garage door is heavy, and that takes a toll on all of the components. Any worn or malfunctioning parts should be replaced immediately.
Also take time during this monthly inspection to perform any routine maintenance that must be performed. Check with your garage door user manual to see what service the manufacturer recommends be performed on a regular basis to keep your garage door functioning at its peak performance.

Teach Children about Garage Door Safety

Because children are usually the victims of garage door accidents, it is important to teach them how to be safe around the garage door. Some basic things every child should know: never play with the garage door remote control, never go under a moving garage door, and about that cool dangling emergency release cord and why they should never pull it.

Keep Keypads and Remotes Out of Reach

Kids love buttons. That is why it is important to keep garage door keypads and remote controls out of the reach of children. Keypads should be installed at least 5 feet off the floor and garage door openers should be place in a safe location out of the reach of children. By keeping keypads and remotes in safe places you will prevent the door from closing and potentially crushing people, pets, and objects.

Know How and When to Use the Emergency Release

The garage door emergency release is a cord or rope hanging from your garage door opener. This cord disconnects the garage door from the opener. If the power goes out or there is some other problem with the garage door you may have to disconnect it from the opener.  When you use the emergency release cord, make sure that the door is in the down position and that objects and people are not near the door.
Help prevent garage door accidents by learning about your garage door and taking proactive steps to keep yourself and your family safe around your garage door.


Sammamish Garage Doors | How to Childproof Your Garage

Most first time parents go through extensive measures childproofing the home to make sure their children are living in a safe environment. Yet oftentimes, parents forget to make an effort to childproof the garage. This area could be a potential threat to your child’s health and safety. It can be scary having a curious child in the home with all the possible unsafe household objects that are in plain sight. By taking a few extra safety precautions in your home and especially in your garage, you can help protect your children and keep them out of danger.

Baby Proof your Garage Door

The most important step is to have a garage door opener that automatically reverses direction upon contact. If your current door doesn’t have this feature, you should get one installed ASAP. You can test whether or not your garage door has contact reverse by placing a roll of paper towels underneath the door path. If the door starts to close and touches the roll without instantly reversing up, DO NOT use the garage door opener, its automatic reverse function is not working! You could either replace the garage door opener, or use the door manually. The new garage door openers automatically reverse on contact. Some also come equipped with optical sensors that can prevent the garage door from closing, so a child, pet or precious belonging doesn’t get crushed beneath it.  It’s recommended to check the garage door every few months to ensure it’s operating properly. The National Center for Biotechnology Information conducted a reports that 85 children have died from being crushed by a closing garage door since 1974, and thousands more have been seriously injured. There is a great risk of danger from a garage door, so it’s the parents’ responsibility to prevent your child from being harmed or even accidently killed by one.

Teach Children Garage Door Safety

Always store paint, toxic materials, sharp objects and power tools in locked-up areas that are out of reach from children. If you have a tool chest, make certain it’s well locked and cannot be opened by a child. Also, keep bleach and all laundry detergents in a locked cabinet and always remember to leave them in the original containers and never transfer these chemicals into a soda bottle or other containers that could be misleading to a child.  Don’t forget to install childproof locks on the door leading into your garage, and make sure you place it as high as you can reach to prevent a child from opening the door.

The garage is part of your home, so eventually your child will find a way inside. Follow these safety tips to protect them, if and when they do discover the room where the car lives.

Sammamish Garage Doors | How to Tame a Noisy Garage Door

The bumping and grinding of gears in the middle of the night due to a rusty or unkempt garage door can be a hassle not only for you, but for the whole family. It’s awful to know that simply by putting your car in the garage, you’ll be waking up your entire family, and the arguments that will ensue over this problem can be completely wiped out simply by using a few of the following tips. This article will outline a few ways to quiet your garage door, and make sure your family can sleep through the night.

Tips to Quiet Your Garage Door

• Tip 1: WD 40

WD 40 is an amazing lubricant and rust remover for your garage door and it’s hinges. There are a few different places to spray WD 40. These places are: the hinges in the garage door itself that allow it to fold and expand, the gears that pull your garage door upwards and allow it to go back down, and the track on which the garage door runs to move upwards and downwards.

• Tip 2: Maintenance

Regular rust removal cuts down dramatically on the noise that a garage door makes when moving. Rather than squeaking and clanging when it opens, a well kept, non-rusty garage door is much quieter overall, leading to a quiet open and close.

• Tip 3: Garage Door

Believe it or not, the type of garage door that you have can actually make it louder or quieter. Of course, a heavy garage door gives more protection, but is louder in the long run since the door itself takes more to lift and go back down. Getting a lighter-weight garage door can cut down on the noise problems.

In closing, the tips listed above will help you to maintain a quiet garage door, and allow you family to sleep through the night. No one likes to deal with having a loud garage door, and in some instances it can actually be quite embarrassing. Don’t put up with it any longer, and keep your garage door well maintained.

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